Stop the Pressure Ulcer Awareness Week – 13 to 17 November 2017

PWH embraced the opportunity to share awareness about prevention of pressure ulcers during the week 13 to 17 November.

Each unit was invited to hold a special event on 16th November which was the World Stop the Pressure Ulcer Day.

Havisham transformed their dining room into Memory Lane Salon where residents enjoyed pampering including hair styling, manicures and make overs. Music from 1920´s to the 1960’s was playing selected by staff in collaboration with residents and their relatives. All residents were assisted to look their very best receiving compliments from all.

Dorrit team invited Mr. Sylvester and Jackie, relatives of residents on the unit to share personal experiences of pressure ulcers. They had a seated exercise session which staff, visitors and residents enjoyed. The staff team performed the song “Heads, shoulders, Knees and Toes”, which conveys areas which are susceptible to pressures ulcers. The team also performed a sketch to illustrate the importance of repositioning to prevent pressures ulcers. Everyone had lots of fun.

On Copperfield the theme was Movement & Dance makes your skin healthier and Amerissa encouraged the residents to engage in dancercise. There was also a challenge to sit in a chair which may have an item under the cushion to test skin sensitivity. Staff were invited to complete a quiz testing their knowledge about pressure ulcers.

On Nickleby the team shared information about prevention of pressure ulcers with residents, visitors and staff throughout the week and then tested their knowledge on the day. The residents also enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea emphasizing the importance of nutrition and hydration in relation to prevention of pressure ulcers.

The best unit was awarded to Dorrit and Havisham were close runners up.

Throughout the week refreshments, including fresh fruits, jellies, juice and water, to emphasize the importance of good nutrition and hydration, and information about pressure ulcer prevention were available at reception.

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