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At Priscilla Wakefield House we are doing everything we can to look after the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff. We are being proactive in response to the threat of COVID – 19 and actively seeking support and guidance from local authorities and trusted organisations, quickly adopting best practice, and stringently following current recommendations.

In order to protect our most vulnerable, we took the difficult decision to restrict all visits from family and friends in line with Government guidelines about self-isolation for those in high-risk categories and the over seventies. We recognise that this may concern some people but appreciate your support.

We are encouraging and supporting our residents and families to keep in touch with loved ones via other methods such as phone and video calls, letters, or emails in the short term. In exceptional circumstances, visits from family members may be granted subject to prior arrangement with the home management team. All essential visits from healthcare professionals are still permitted as normal.

Residents are currently being screened for COVID – 19 within the home. Residents are being cared for in their rooms to minimise the risk of transmission, we are following isolation guidance for new and existing residents, as well as staff. Testing for staff is being arranged as appropriate.

We have an adequate supply of PPE and staff have received training sessions for donning and doffing of PPE. There is free counselling available to all staff. Our CEOs and management team are also providing a bag of groceries weekly to each member of staff.

For further and more detailed information and updates regarding COVID – 19 click on the links below.

We understand that this is a worrying time for you and your family and have provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If, after reading this, you have further questions that we have not answered, or if you wish to discuss the wellbeing of your loved one, please contact the home.

Alternatively, please include them in the form at the bottom of the page so we can update this information for anyone interested.

Covid-19 FAQs

When will I be able to visit my loved one?

What constitutes ‘exceptional circumstances’?

Why have you decided to stop visitors?

Are GPs/district nurses still allowed into the home?

How do I stay in touch with my loved one if I’m not allowed to visit?

What’s the best way to find out more about the situation within the home?

Are you currently accepting new admissions?

General FAQs

How many people live at Priscilla Wakefield House?

What type of care do you offer?

What makes Priscilla Wakefield House different from other nursing homes?

What are your core values?

Who will be supporting my relative?

Where is Priscilla Wakefield House?

Visiting Priscilla Wakefield House

What are the visiting hours?

How do I gain entry to the home when visiting my relative?

We are a large family, is it possible to get additional fobs?

Does the home have good transport links?

Where can I park when visiting my relative?

Keeping in touch

When is best to phone for an update?

Will my relative have access to a phone and can I video call them?

Is there somewhere on site where I can spend time with my loved one?

Practical Information

Are there set mealtimes?

Can my relative have a personal telephone line and satellite TV in their room?

How should I label my relative’s clothes?

Is there a shop on site?

Moving in - useful information

What clothing should I bring for my relative?

What personal items can I bring to the home for my relative?

Do I need to provide towels and bed linen for my relative?


Dear You and Yours team,

Further to the programme on 14th April, I’d like to let you know my experience of this situation.

My mother is in a wonderful care home called Priscilla Wakefield House in North London. I feel that they have been very proactive in their approach to this pandemic and decided to shut their doors to non essential visitors to protect their residents a full week before the government announcement.

The staff have made sure that I am able to speak with my mum regularly and I can tell that everyone is doing their very best to reassure the residents and to be as positive and cheerful as possible.

I understand that at the moment, the staff have enough PPE as they were sensible enough to make sure they had adequate stock but the lack of testing and direction from the government has left them feeling very much like they are on their own.

My mum’s care home is very close-knit and every member of staff is there because they deeply care about the residents – receptionists, cooks, housekeeping, maintenance, carers, nurses, the activities team and management. All of them are like family to the residents and I feel they have been let down terribly by a government who ignored advice to prepare for such an event and despite evidence from other countries and from scientists, have been responding only when public pressure and outcry forces them to do so.

Maria O’Flaherty

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