Staff Awards Party – 10 December 2021

PWH hosted our annual Staff Awards event at Lord Morrison Hall. The theme was all white and the scene was set with elegant white table and chair coverings and fabulous white and silver balloon decorations. Our fantastic staff team wowed everyone with their transformations from uniforms to evening glamorous attire! It was great to welcome staff who have moved on to new endeavours return to celebrate with the PWH Team.
The evening began with welcome drinks and a wonderful feast for all to enjoy prepared by our chef Garfield. The presentation of the awards followed. The winners were:

• Best Unit of the Year – Havisham
• Most Consistent Unit of The Year – Nickleby
• Outstanding/ Supportive Department of The Year – Activities Team
• Most Improved Unit – Dorrit
• Most Supportive Department – Housekeeping Team
• Most Collaborative Working Unit of The Year – Copperfield

This year there was an addition of Star Awards recognising individuals and teams who always go beyond their role.
• Best Attendance Award – Aretha Jemison (Night HCA)
• Star Nurse – Bewechana Karmacharya
• Star Night Nurse – Veronica Moldovan
• Star Housekeeper – Tracy Reid
• Star Laundry Assistant – Charlotte Corp
• Star Night Carer – Veronica Frimpong
• Star Catering Support – Ben Hopkins
• Star Health Care Assistant – Yaa Amposaa
• Star Admin & Reception Support – Julie Edridge
• Star Admin & Reception Support – Shirley Davidson-Reid
• Whzan Unit Champion – Havisham
• Star Bbic Support Team – BBIC Team

Wooden Spoon spoof awards were also presented as follows:
• The Funniest Person – Who Has Jokes for the Whole Day – Leleka Henry
• Early Bird – Who Always Arrives First – Francisca Whitworth
• Most Musical Person – Who Always Sings While Working – Ana Stoica
• Pink Cloud Person – Who Is Always Daydreaming – Oliver Kuczik
• Pen Stealer – Who Always takes a pen but never brings it back – Dawnette Wright
• Best Multitasker Award – Who Is Always Doing Everything – Maria Gorete Amorim
• Hot Chocolate Drinker – Who Always has a Hot Chocolate at Hand – Maria Oliveira
• Most Stylish Person – Who has a Great Sense of Style – Nickie Hannam
• Best Greeting Award – Who always greets you with “Hello my darling” – Sumi Pun

We were delighted to be joined by Sujesh Sundarraj Commissioning Manager from Haringey Council, Angela Sealy, Head of Unplanned Care Waltham Forest Adults Community Services at NHS North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT), Tess Murdoch, Nurse Educator, NCL Training Hub and Laxmi Shrestha, Lead Occupa-tional Therapist, Community Rehab and Falls Service, Integrated Community Ther-apy Team, and her BBIC Therapy Team. We would like to thank all for joining us and Sujesh for kindly presenting the awards.

It was truly a wonderful evening, everyone enjoyed gathering as a team accompanied by family and friends to celebrate our successes. Sue Ann our general manager gave a heart-warming speech thanking all the team and especially the management team, who were not featured in the awards, for their commitment and dedication.
I am sure we all agree Sue Ann would be a deserving recipient of Best Manager Award alongside her amazing management team Pravesh, Molly, Omoyi and Hossam.
We would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who made this event a success.

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