Prosper 10 Year Anniversary Celebration – 18 April 2024

The Prosper project is working with residential and nursing homes across Essex, to reduce the number of falls, pressure ulcers and UTI’s using Quality Improvement methodology – not only improving system performance and professional development, but also changing behaviours – encouraging creative thinking to tackle the problems and then using measurement to guide improvement. Sue Ann our General Manager adopted the Safety Champion model within PWH which focuses on changing behaviour by empowering care staff to think creatively and act differently, giving them the permission to try new things and education on falls, pressure ulcers and UTI’s. Since the implementation of our Safety Champions there have been improvements across the board in relation to the key areas of Nutrition & Hydration, Urinary tract infections, falls prevention and management and pressure ulcer prevention. Sue Ann was excited to attend a celebratory Community of Practice to celebrate Prosper reaching this milestone.

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