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The Havisham unit offers specialist, individual nursing care for people with early onset dementia. The unit aims to enable residents to maintain a sense of independence for as long as possible, while improving their quality of life.

Early onset dementia

A younger person with dementia is a term that anyone diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65. People also use the terms’ early onset dementia ‘, ‘young onset dementia’, or ‘working age dementia ‘. Early onset dementia is likely to generate a multitude of needs requiring specialist responses.

Our emphasis is on enabling individuals to maintain independence for as long as possible and we offer activities that focus on maintaining community links and living life to the full.

We have a highly skilled team of qualified nursing staff and experienced carers led by a highly qualified nurse with a BSc in Forensic Nursing. All staff are trained in the de-escalation of behaviours that challenge including low arousal techniques and our enhanced staffing levels reflect the specialist needs of this group.

Our practice areas

We are able to accept individuals with varying types of Dementia including management of conditions such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and Drug/alcohol related dementias. We are also able to meet the needs of individuals with Lewy body, frontal lobe, Picks and Prions Disease and HIV related dementias.

Our Team

It is often said that staff are a company’s most important asset. At Priscilla Wakefield House this is not just mantra; the provision of a generous training budget allows everyone the opportunity to further their career by pursuing academic and vocational qualifications at university, college or through distance learning.

We invest in our staff so that their ongoing learning and development will ensure continuous improvement in the quality of care and education we offer.

Referals & Visits

We welcome referrals to the unit and believe that working in partnership with the local team right from the point of assessment ensures effective discharge planning and implementation of appropriate longer-term treatment.

We operate a flexible approach in our services to referrals; we provide rapid response and will normally arrange a professional assessment within a few days of your call. We also take emergency admissions.

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Day Care

Our day care offers a safe, warm, friendly and comfortable environment

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We offer a no appointment nessaccery policy so you are welcome to pop in anytime or call us on 020 8808 7196

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