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Dorrit provides specialist support to older adults with dementia Providing care for residents with Dementia and other memory impairments can be challenging, but Priscilla Wakefield House has created a care option that works — innovative and effective programs with multiple levels of support. We acknowledge the fact that each person is a unique individual with a rich and varied past. We will work with the resident and their families to ensure that we maintain independence and choice for as long as possible. Building on their past experiences we will devise care plans and activity programmes that reflect personal needs and aspirations. A sense of familiarity and security is exceptionally important for people living with dementia. Our named nurse and key worker system ensures that we provide continuity of care on a daily basis.

Our Practice areas

Our Nursing Dementia unit caters for different types of Dementia at different stages.

Our staff are trained in meeting each individual’s needs and supporting to maintain dignity and independence.

In doing so, individuals living with dementia are encouraged to maintaining their own daily living activities.

Our Dementia Communities Values

Our aim is to create a home-like feel, while providing specialised care and promoting self-esteem, encouraging independence, supporting life-skills and individuality, enabling freedom of choice.

Our aim is also to provide a comfortable and safe environment where someone can live with their dementia and not just exist but live a fulfilled and flourishing life.
Priscilla Wakefield House also benefit from the services of a visiting GP, full time social and recreational therapists.

Our Team

Our staff looks for opportunities to help residents succeed at familiar tasks, whether it is making their bed or baking a sheet of cookies. These activities give the satisfaction of a job well done with the security of knowing a helping hand is always nearby.

Our Nurses and trained Carers are committed to the ongoing development of best dementia care practices through sharing ideas and experiences with other healthcare colleagues and through continuous learning.

Memory Corners

Memory Corners are designed to accommodate the unique needs of people with Dementia and other memory impairments, our memory corners provide a safe and stimulating environment for individuals to enjoy esteem-building activities. Our staff involves residents in their daily routines, such as gardening, sewing, cooking and household tasks. Our Memory Boxes are popular with residents and their families.

Residents or their families fill the boxes with memorable items that have a unique link to the residents past. The boxes are a source of conversation between the staff and resident and a way of the residents being able to identify their own rooms

Referals & Visits

We welcome referrals to the unit and believe that working in partnership with the local team right from the point of assessment ensures effective discharge planning and implementation of appropriate longer-term treatment.

We operate a flexible approach in our services to referrals; we provide rapid response and will normally arrange a professional assessment within a few days of your call. We also take emergency admissions.

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Day Care

Our day care offers a safe, warm, friendly and comfortable environment

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We offer a no appointment nessaccery policy so you are welcome to pop in anytime or call us on 020 8808 7196

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