Keeping Friendships Alive

In these strange times, we realise that it is of the utmost importance that we stay connected with relatives, friends and loved ones. This includes friendships that have formed within the home. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, residents can no longer travel between floors meaning that they have not seen people for weeks that they once saw daily. Two good friends here (Teresa and Kathleen) are separated by 3 floors but that was not going to stop them having a catchup. We used Skype in each of their rooms to enable them to have a nice chat and check how each other were doing. They were really excited to see each other and assured one another that they will share a drink together at Dickens’ café once this has all blown over.
Kathleen has also been busy maintaining her relationships up on Nickleby, accompanying Maureen who is just around the corner. They have been sitting (2m apart) and listening to Maureen’s new radio together whilst having a catch up.

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