Project Garden in Progress

We are proud and excited to be part of Project Garden – a North Central London gardening group for social care settings.
The word GARDEN is an acronym, to represent that a garden is not just a physical space but has several meanings to people living and working in care homes and other settings.
It means Grow, Active, Recharge, Develop, Enrich and Nurture.
The aim is to connect with nature through garden and gardening activities and provide opportunities for meaningful interaction between residents, their families, and staff, to improve health, well-being, connection and enhance residents’ quality of life.
The objectives are to provide opportunities for staff, residents, and families to engage in gardening, provide support to maximise care homes’ outdoor spaces to create a natural environment, and ensure sustainability.
Regarding sustainability, the plan is to organise workshops on how to grow vegs, herbs, how to recycle, waste composting and upcycle and to support staff in incorporating it in the care plans.
If you have green fingers and would like to get involved, please speak to Amerissa, Wellbeing Coordinator.

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