Pride 2021 – 5 July 2021

We celebrated Pride at PWH on 5th July. Our courtyard was vibrant with rainbow flags, balloons, and bunting. Uplifting and energising music created a party atmosphere.
Keith, son of our resident John on Dorrit, brought lots of enthusiasm and energy to the occasion engaging the senses with bubbles of all shapes and sizes.
Everyone enjoyed a tasty and varied buffet lunch and an array of soft drinks or wine.
The afternoon’s entertainment kicked off with a singing performance from Nadia Peruffo our Training Facilitator. Everyone was amazed by her beautiful voice. This was followed by a fun filled singing and dancing performance from the Wellbeing Team.
We were thrilled to be joined by Dolly Trolley who entertained everyone with a fantastic drag act which had everyone cheering, clapping along, smiling, and laughing.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the day.

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