Little Window Therapies – A Series of Double-Glazed Duets – 16 December 2020

We have been working in partnership with Alexandra Palace Learning and Participation Team to facilitate window therapy for our residents. The initiative was inspired by the work of the Outside in Collective founded in Australia. In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic the aim of the work is to “engage our elders, maintain their connection, feed their wellbeing & deliver some joy.” Maurie Voisey-Barlin
See more on the Facebook page: @outsideincollective
On Tuesday 15th December at 3 pm we welcomed Absolutely Radishing, biography follows:
“We are a clowning duo including Charleston style dance, acrobatic partner work, juggling and more. Posing as gardeners, always in competition with one another and always up to mischief. Using tools and props to “try” and get the job done let the mayhem begin and unfolds into utter chaos.”
Jordi Serena Ripley and Armengol Miranda Trujillo
@jordanzolaa and @armen_cover
The duo performed on Copperfield balcony enabling residents and staff in Copperfield and Nickleby dining rooms and corridors to view the performance. It was amazing to see the response of the residents. The performers adapted their performance brilliantly to ensure engagement with residents on both floors.
We are looking forward to welcoming another duo on 18th December at 3 pm:
Mad Etiquette:
Side-splitting stiff-upper-lipped hilarity from two charming eccentric English gents.
Dan Lees and Neil Frost
Twitter: @Madetiquette
Instagram: @estabcomedy
We are so grateful to be involved in the project and would like to pass on our thanks from all at PWH to The Learning & Participation Team at Alexander Palace and especially to Marine Begault, Outreach Officer and of course to Absolutely Radishing who were AMAZING!

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