Christmas Parties for Residents and Staff

We are hosting Christmas Parties on each floor for residents and staff. This is a great opportunity for everyone to let their hair down, enjoy one another’s company and have fun! Karaoke was a big hit along with balloon volleyball accompanied by lots of singing, chat, and laughter! Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without fantastic food, and this was provided in abundance by our wonderful kitchen team. THANK YOU from all of us!
During the parties, our residents presented wooden spoon spoof awards to member of staff which brought more laughs to the occasion. The categories included: – The Loch Ness Monster Award for the person who Is the Most Difficult Person To Find, the Wikipedia Award for the person who Always Has An Answer For Everything No Matter What, the Selective Hearing Impairment Award for the person who Only Hears What they Want To Hear and the Pen Stealer Award for the person who Is Always Walking Off With Other People’s Pens. Congratulations to all the winners who were awarded a decorative wooden spoon and a certificate.

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