Relatives Visitation Restriction COVID

Dear Friends & Family,

I am writing to you to outline the precautions we at Priscilla Wakefield House are taking to ensure our residents are protected against the current outbreak of Coronavirus.
As of 11 March, there are 456 confirmed cases in the UK and 387 of these cases are in England. There are now 6 confirmed deaths in the UK. The Department of Health and Social Care continue to publish numbers on a regular basis. The World Health Organization has declared that this is now a global pandemic.

You will be aware that the greatest risk comes to the elderly population with co-morbidities, the very people residing in our care homes.

The government have provided some advice to care homes. This comes in the form of standard infection control procedures and information dissemination.

At Priscilla Wakefield House Nursing Home we have decided to implement the following to help protect our residents:
• We have decided to temporarily withhold all but essential visitations to our residents for the next 14 days. Unfortunately, this includes withholding any social visits. Whilst to some this may seem an extreme measure, we believe our priority is to the wellbeing of our residents. We will of course review this need on a daily basis.
• We have postponed all non-essential external trips for our residents to limit their exposure to coronavirus within the wider community.
• We have undergone a review of all infection control policies and procedures.
• We are actively promoting regular and enhanced hygiene measures and checks amongst all staff and essential visitors within the homes.

We appreciate this may be difficult as of course you will want to visit your loved ones. We will make every opportunity for you to be able to still have regular contact with your loved ones using conventional telephones as well as offering communication such as Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp where possible.

As ever, continued communication is paramount and over the next few weeks we will keep you updated via email, social media and our website.

We thank you for your understanding during this difficult period.

If you have any concerns or queries, we are, as ever, very happy to help. Please do feel free to get in touch with your Home Manager directly.

Your sincerely,

The Directors

Magicare Ltd (Priscilla Wakefield House)

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