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Meet a Care Worker

Care workers at Priscilla Wakefield House get heavily involved in providing individualised, one to one care for our residents. Pravesh Mohonee, who has been a Carer at the home for approximately two years, gives us some insight into a typical day at Priscilla Wakefield House. Pravesh explains, “When you are working with people, every single day is different. It is important that we are as flexible as possible to meet the changing needs and requirements of our residents. Having said that, just like in your home or mine, we try to keep to a certain routine to provide structure and normality to the day.” The day starts with all care workers assisting residents with their personal needs in preparation for their first of three home-cooked daily meals. In between mealtimes, residents are encouraged to get involved with different activities before settling down for some relaxation time in the evening. “Sometimes our activities might be just having a chat, playing ball or spending some time outside. On other days, it could be community events or outings. To be honest, it very much depends on the needs of the resident; their abilities, their hobbies or just their mood at the time” Pravesh goes on to explain the importance of providing individualised, person-centred care: “With the care profession, it can never be one-size–fits-all. Personally, I would want to be treated with dignity and respect, and I would want my individual needs, cultural background, likes and dislikes to be taken into consideration. I would want someone to care for me, to do what they could to ensure that I was as happy, healthy and cared for as possible. I get job satisfaction from being an advocate of the people I work with and ensuring that I treat them with the same respect and level of care that I would want for myself, or for my parents.”

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