Motiview Road World for Seniors Launch – 3 September 2019

Our wellbeing team attended the first ever Activities Matter event organised by the Barnet Care Quality Team and Skills for Care Network on 3rd September. We attended workshops which provided a lot of inspiration and knowledge which we look forward to implementing at PWH. In the afternoon we were joined by residents from Nickleby for the launch of the Motitech Road World for Seniors Campaign. Our resident Mohamed was happy to spend time using the exercise bike while enjoying scenes from London on the screen. We have registered for the campaign and currently have a motitech bike in situ on Nickleby. Please cheer all the cyclists on, this is a worldwide event and we want to put Priscilla Wakefield House on the map. There are team and individual competitions the winners will be those who have cycled the furthest distance. Good luck Team PWH!!

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