2 of our nurses join the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship programme launched at Middlesex University

A pioneering apprenticeship for Nursing Associates launched today (10/12) at Middlesex University in collaboration with local employers including the Royal Free Hospital, the Whittington Hospital, Camden and Islington NHS Trust, North Middlesex Hospital, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Trust and University College London Hospital.

The project also has the backing of Health Education England as it provides career pathways for healthcare assistants who previously encountered significant barriers to career progression.

Around 150 students began their two-year Diploma HE Nursing Associate today. They are employed by their organisations as Trainee Nursing Associate Apprentices (TNAs). The programme is designed to prepare them to meet national professional standards so that they will be fully qualified as Nursing Associates when they successfully complete the apprenticeship and achieve Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Registration as a Nursing Associate.

The programme involves on and off-the-job training with at least four placements in different healthcare settings each year of the programme. Apprentices will attend theory weeks in university as well as undertaking practical training. Mentoring, assessment and progress reviews will take place throughout the course.

The majority of the students are currently healthcare assistants some of whom may previously have experienced barriers to career progression pathways. On successful completion of the apprenticeship Nursing Associates will be eligible to progress to the Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship, subject to employment opportunities being available. Professor Tim Blackman, Vice Chancellor of Middlesex University has said:

“Degree apprenticeships for the public sector professions have particular potential to open doors to professional careers for a wider range of people. The Nursing Associate apprenticeship is a stepping-stone to the Registered Nurse degree apprenticeship for people who may not have originally achieved what was needed for a nursing degree.”

Commenting on the course, Associate Professor at Middlesex University, Marion Taylor, said:

“This course presents a fantastic opportunity for many NHS workers who have the ability and experience to develop their career and become Nursing Associates. Now, for the first time, they can study while learning on the job and be paid.

“It’s also a win-win for NHS employers because they are upskilling and retaining their own staff to the new role of Nursing Associate, which aims to support the role of the Registered Nurse.

Pricilla Wakefield House are delighted to have two employees on the Nurse Associate programme. We are proud to be supporting our staff in their future endeavours to becoming Nurses.

Middlesex University was one of 11 pilot sites in England to be awarded a contract in January 2017 to develop the Nursing Associate Programme. This has been successful and this cohort of students will complete their programme in February 2019.

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